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Wellness Tips and Mindful Practices for a Stress Reducing Workplace

As the pandemic disruption passes it’s six month mark, new and old stressors remain a constant part of our daily

lives. These stressors can easily work their way into the workplace and effect job performance and productivity.

This month, Firm Foundation HR would like to help you manage those stressors with proactive tips to keep your

staff calm, cool, and collected.

Identifying and Validating Stressors Employees are human beings first. This means they have

outside stresses along with the ones created in the office. As a leader, it is your job to keep these in mind.

Some common outside stresses include financial burdens, relationship problems, children, or death of a

loved one. Add the pandemic stresses of fear of getting sick, working remotely, or how to properly do

distance learning for their kids and you may find a person at the edge of an outburst. Invite employees to

share stresses. Listen first and then validate what they share. And remember to be human and be kind.

Wellness Is Contagious A Gallup study found that team members engaged in well-being activities

increased the well-being levels of other teammates. Well-being activities are those that build on self-care,

strong relationships, connection in their community, and proper financial managements. Employers who

create wellness programs in the workspace often have happier employees. Some ideas to start: are

encouraging walks outside around the property, playing indoor games, hosting a book club, or exercising

together after a shift. For more ways to create wellness activities for your team contact our wellness guru


Mindful or Mind Full A calm mind is focused, productive, and enhances cognitive thinking skills which

fosters creativity and develops better leaders. Mindfulness is the art of being aware of the present moment.

It’s a way to control the thoughts that run through our heads all day long. Mindful breathing is the number

one way for employees to return to their baseline. Get into a relaxed posture, breathe in through your nose

and slowly out your mouth. Don’t think about anything but your breathe. Be in the present moment. Small

mindful breaks like these will help to manage stress and create a happier team.

The more you practice these tips the happier and healthier your team will be. Remember that there are lots of

ways to destress. Some activities may work better than others. Try experimenting with a new wellness or mindful

activity each month. Mix things up, keep it fun, and most importantly, show your team you care.

As always your

Firm Foundation Adviser is here to serve, contact us for additional support.

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