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Serving others in love, the heart of what we do.

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About Us

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Our team of advisers has been serving employers since 1997 in the marketplace, we have walked alongside leaders through many business climates. 


Our wealth of experience, practical knowledge and continued education in the disciplines of human resources, leadership training, administrative support, client services, benefits and insurance solutions, entrepreneurship, launching start up small businesses and not for profits, board membership, and volunteering.

In 2017 we established the company, after connecting in a Rooted Group/Life Group, we don’t believe in coincidences, our Faith made clear with the wealth of talented diverse individuals, we had all come together for a purpose to use our talents to serve others.  

Firm Foundation was born with the purpose to serve not profit and business leaders. 


Embracing your mission as our mission, with the relentless pursuit of value for our clients, as we keep more resources in your organization and serve you, your family, employees, company and community.


When our clients thrive, we celebrate

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