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2023 Employment Practices Audit

As we start 2023 it is important to ensure that your company makes sure that their policies are compliant, managers are properly trained, and the company is maintaining the required records for the necessary length of time. Here are 5 subjects to review.

1. Hiring practices -Are applications seeking appropriate information? -Are new hires provided with required policies and notices? -Are hiring managers trained on the types of questions they can ask in an interview?

2. Records -Are employee files maintained confidentially for at least 4 years? -Do managers have the appropriate forms such as employee discipline forms, write up forms, and forms to document employee tardiness? -How is the employee documentation provided to Human Resources or the appropriate manager?

3. Wage and Hour Issues -Does the company have its workweek and paydays established? -Are paydays within the applicable time limits after the pay period as required under the law?

-Are employees properly classified as exempt or nonexempt? -Are meal and rest periods policies in a handbook? And are the employees routinely reminded of these policies? -Are manager's trained on how to administer breaks and what actions to take if an employee misses a meal or rest break?

4. End of Employment Issues -Are employees that are leaving the company provided their final wages, including payment for all unused vacation time? -Are the final paychecks provided to the employee within the required deadline? -Does the employer deduct an items from the employee’s final paycheck?

5. Anti-Harassment, discrimination and retaliation -Are supervisors provided with sexual harassment training every two years? -Are there steps in place to provide employees with 1 hour sexual harassment prevention training every 2 years?

*If you have any questions please reach out to the FFHR team*

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