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3 Ways To Unlock The True Value Of Feedback

3 Ways To Unlock The True Value Of Feedback

Giving quality feedback can cause intense anxiety. However, when we let the fear of giving graceful feedback win, it causes

an environment that perpetuates resentment, inactivity, and disengagement. 69% of employees say they would work

harder if they felt their work was being recognized while 98% say they fail to be engaged when managers give no feedback.

Cultivating an environment that values open communication can overwhelmingly transform your business for the better.

Ask For It - This is a solid step in the right direction, empower yourself to consistently seek feedback. By engaging

in this you can learn about opportunities you might have missed, you have the ability to better your work environment and yourself, and enhancing the relationships with your peers and supervisors.

Be Prepared To Listen And Learn - Receiving feedback can be hard. On occasion when we receive feedback it may cause us to be embarrassed or it’s something we don’t want to hear, but receiving feedback doesn’t

mean you have to believe everything you hear. Instead, you can engage in a constructive conversation and explore solutions while not getting defensive which will lead to a willingness to better yourself and the ability

to ask questions and receive clarity on situations, projects, or things going on in the office.

Emphasize Your Willingness To Change - If you truly want feedback it’s important that you don’t defend yourself. At the end of the day the feedback you receive is just another person’s perception– their reality of you and the situation. You can decide what you want to change and you can inform your employer that you need time to come to a decision or what you plan to do. If you think it will take time for things to change let

your employer know.

Open communication is so much better than no communication.

We hope this information has been helpful. As always, reach out to us if you

need more assistance with this or anything else. Our mission is your mission. We

thrive when you thrive.

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