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California Employers: Your Guide to Implementing a Comprehensive Workplace Violence Prevention Plan by July 1, 2024

Implementing the Workplace Violence Prevention Plan

Your organization must develop a customized WVPP tailored to each worksite and company policy. This plan should be accessible to all employees, whether through the company intranet, software platforms, or physical binders in common areas. It's crucial to review and update this plan annually to ensure ongoing compliance and safety.

Components of the WVPP include:

• Workplace Violence Prevention Plan: See the below link for the state’s template that will require customization according to specific worksite and company policies.

Model-WPV-Plan-General-Industry.docx (

• Hazard Identification and Evaluation: Is a critical step requiring worksite inspection to identify potential violence hazards, with updates required upon the identification of new hazards.

• Violent Incident Log: Essential for tracking each workplace violence incident, relying on employee and witness statements or investigative findings, without disclosing personal identifying information.

HR Hotline for Workplace Violence Reporting

We offer an HR Hotline service, providing a confidential reporting system for your employees to report incidents or threats of workplace violence. This hotline, operational during business hours, is an essential component of your WVPP, ensuring the safety and security of your workplace.

HR Hotline Pricing:

• Under 100 Employees: $100 per month

• 100+ Employees: $200 per month

For those interested in integrating this hotline into your WVPP, please contact us for further assistance. 1.949.900.6977 or

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