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Employer Vaccine Mandate Proposal

In an ever changing climate surrounding workplace and the COVID-19 virus, a new executive order has been signed by the president. On September 9th, 2021, several proposals have been initiated to get the unvaccinated vaccinated. Keep reading to see what this may mean for your company and employees.

What Was Proposed

• Employers with 100 or more employees must mandate vaccines to workers.

• Federal employees, federal contractors, and health care workers across the country must also be vaccinated.

• No more weekly testing will be permitted for those not fully vaccinated.

• Employers/employees will have 75 days to comply starting from the signing of the order.

Impact and Implications

• Around 80-100 million employees, about 2/3 of America’s workforce, will be effected.

• Current trend shows that people want to be vaccinated. Nearly 65% of Americans are vaccinated. About 66% of workers are in favor of mandated vaccinations. And job postings requiring proof of vaccination has increased 34% since July of 2021.

• DOJ and OSHA have found mandating vaccines to be legal and safe for Americans

• The private sector has never been given a vaccine mandate before and many are choosing to opt in at record speeds. It is likely many medium to small sized businesses will follow suit with the large scale companies.

Things to Consider

• 28% of American employees said they would willing leave their employment if given the mandate.

• Employers must provide Paid Time Off for employees receiving a vaccine and suffering any side effects from it. Fines can be up to $14,000 per violation if not followed.

• Though you can mandate vaccines, the DOJ requires employees are informed of their rights to refuse the vaccine, and allowances must be made for the Americans with Disability Act and those holding personal religious beliefs.

• Finally, we encourage all employers to seek legal counsel before making any decisions regarding mandating vaccines.

We hope to empower you with this information. Making sure you have a strong plan of action that encompasses empathy and mutual understanding for all workers will increase success in the coming months. If you are not sure about what to do, connect with us and we will help you walk this road. Your mission is our mission!

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