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"Leadership Renaissance: Reimagining the Path to Success"

As the world changes, it leads us to new challenges and the things that once made organizations successful isn't enough for tomorrow. It’s time to reexamine the traditional understandings of “good” leadership and explore how to evolve. The core of great leadership starts with its individuals. Better leaders build better teams, stronger organizations, and healthier communities. The foundations of better leadership would authentically embrace diverse perspectives and create cultures where people can bring their full selves to work. Compassionate leadership is key. It means awareness of a person's condition and a willingness to take action to help. Compassionate leaders move beyond empathetic concern. It’s working through challenges and looking for ways to reduce friction. This allows the ability to strengthen trust among their team and increase collaboration. The well-being of your employees is extremely important in order to have a healthy and productive environment. In the workplace there are 5 components to “practice” that enhance leadership and wellbeing. These would be purpose, growth, health, connection, resilience. Having a sense of purpose means that the work has intrinsic value and meaning. Growth comes from challenges and learning. Healthy bodies and minds are shown to enhance reasoning, problem solving, learning, and creativity. Intentionality to connect people together creates a trusting environment and when times get hard resilience is the ability to bounce back and keep a positive mindset. Let’s start re-thinking what leadership is supposed to look like and start working towards becoming better leaders in our personal lives as that will carry into every other part of our lives.

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