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Reminders for you about California Retention Policies-Here Is What You Need To Know

In 2021, California passed SB 807 that amended California’s Government Code Section 12946 to require employers to maintain personnel files, and other records for at least 4 years.

· This includes applications, personnel files, membership, employment referral records, pay stub’s, ETC. It is important to hold in to these to protect your company from any Lawsuits.

· What are more categories to save? Application for employment, payroll authorization form, notices of commendation, warning, discipline, and/or termination, notices of layoff, leave of absence, and vacation, notices of wage attachment or garnishment, education and training notices and records, performance appraisals/reviews, attendance records, and another important one is holding onto records of the sexual harassment training for supervisors and employees for at least two years.

· Even if the employer had valid policies and document retention it is important that the managers are trained about the policies and have proper knowledge of standard procedures.

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