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Revamping Performance Assessments for Better Employee Engagement

Traditional performance reviews may hinder employee engagement and keep companies from increasing in their productivity, due to the fact they are still performed in the same way that they have been for many years. Performance reviews are usually conducted one a year with goals made at the beginning and then those goals are not visited again until the end of the year or in some cases there are quarterly performance reviews. With so much change happening all the time it’s good to maintain the open door policy with your employees and keep the conversation going.

The focus should be on looking forward to how things can be done differently to increase the chances of success in the future, instead of making year long goals, we can look into reaching goals in smaller increments and instead of meeting with your employees once a year and discussing their performance we should consider providing ongoing feedback, frequent check-in’s, and setting goals in smaller increments.

It’s important we continue to boost employee engagement and continue to support them as they grow in their skills and in their career development.

Remember we are not trying to maintain a team but encourage and strengthen individuals with the tools necessary to excel in their career. When there is a part that is lacking it’s very important to have the critical conversation and ensure.

We hope this information has been helpful. As always, reach out to us if you need more assistance with this or anything else.

Contact us at 949.900.6977 or1.833.FIRMHRO and

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