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"Thriving in the Wage Evolution: A Must-Know Guide for Employers in the July 1st Minimum Wage Shift!

Several cities and counties are also increasing their minimum wage effective July 1, 2023. Some local jurisdictions adjust their minimum wages annually for inflation each July, but they haven't announced their 2023 rates yet. The following table includes many of the announced local rate changes for 2023 as well as some other local jurisdictions that typically make annual adjustments each July but haven't announced their 2023 rate yet.

If an employee is subject to more than one minimum wage requirement (such as federal, state and local), you should generally comply with the rate most generous to the employee. For example, if your state minimum wage is $14 and the local minimum wage is $15, you must generally pay the employee at least $15 per hour, since it's higher than the state and federal minimum wage rates.

Additionally, if your business is located in one state, but you have employees (such as remote workers) working in another jurisdiction, the minimum wage in the location where the employee performs work generally applies.

We hope this information has been helpful. As always, reach out to us if you need more assistance with this or anything else. Contact us at 949.900.6977 or 1.833.FIRMHRO and

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