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Understanding Workplace Violence Prevention and Response

Workplace violence has been dominating the news recently and we want you to be prepared. Each year, an average of 2 million occupational workers have reported of being a victim of violence at work. Does your company have a workplace violence prevention program? Although no prevention plan is absolute protection against violence at work, understanding how to prepare for and react to violent conduct is imperative.

· How to prepare for workplace violence: Identify the types of violence, create a violence prevention plan, consider insurance needs, know the warning signs, recognize risky situations, encourage reporting.

· You should consider being prepared for active shooters, suicidal employees, domestic violence, bomb or arson threats, suspicious mail or packages. The ultimate goal is to make sure you, your company, and workforce are prepared for violence so you can minimalize casualties and respond quickly in the event of a violent incident.

· If you want more information to help you conduct prevention programs you can check out Occupational Safety and Health administration (OSHA) Workplace Violence or you can go to NIOSH Occupational Violence. A good way to keep your employees informed would be posting the procedures within the mailroom or provide mail-handling employees with pocket cards or any other means to readily access information.

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