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Unleashing Your Potential: The Journey of Continued Education and Professional Development

Business is constantly changing, and having the personnel with the skills needed to keep up with that change is an important factor to consider when offering career development options. Yes, it can be an investment, but as your company grows and evolves so does the need to advance the skillset of your employees. Happy employees are more loyal and loyal employees are more productive so supporting professional career development for your employees should be something to consider.

Here at Firm Foundation we give our employee’s the ability to advance in their careers whether it’s in insurance, becoming a certified payroll professional, or a SHRM certified professional, we strive to give our employee’s the tools necessary to advance in whichever avenue they are passionate about so they can succeed!

We want to give a huge shoutout to Jade Distor and Adrian Bylsma from our team for dedicating these past couple months to studying, and prepping for the SHRM Certified Professional exam. They have poured many hours into learning technical competencies and behavioral competencies as well as the policies, laws, and strategies to deliver the best HR practices to you and your employee’s.

So with great excitement we want to congratulate Adrian and Jade for passing this exam! And to the both of you, thank you for your continuous support and dedication to serving our clients with excellence.

From the FFHR team

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