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You're hired, Now what?

Recommended and Required Documents For New Hires In California

1. Offer Letter -An official offer letter can be the best way to communicate with the new candidate to avoid misunderstanding about the job.

2. I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification -Federal law requires completion of Form I-9 to verify an employees identity and employment authorization.

3. Federal and State Tax Withholding Forms -Both Federal W-4 and California DE 4 withholding certificate must be provided to newly hired employees.

4. Required Pamphlets

-Generally speaking, most employers in California are required to provide the following documents upon hire:

  • ¨ Time Of Hire Pamphlet

  • ¨ Sexual Harassment Pamphlet

  • ¨ Paid Family Leave Pamphlet

  • ¨ Rights of Victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Stalking

  • ¨ Wage and Employment Notice to Employee

  • ¨ New Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage and Health Coverage Form

  • ¨ General Notice of COBRA continuation coverage rights

  • ¨ Work Permit For Minors

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